14 – 15 March 2019

thestudio, Manchester

Session type:

Session duration:
150 minutes

Presented by:

Emily Heath


Luisa Sousa


Charlotte Davies


About this Hands-On

Voice interaction is a natural playground for UX practitioners and information architects in particular. After all, we’re building experiences out of language and staging transactions within invisible structures.

But how should we research, prototype and design these experiences? And what can we learn from VUI design as we create IA across other digital environments?

In this workshop, you will:

- learn to develop ideas for voice and other invisible structures
- practise describing and mapping information architectures for new types of structure
- prototype and research propositions, from transactions to more exploratory experiences

About the Speakers

Emily Heath

Emily has been a UX architect at the BBC since 2014. She is currently working on joining up the BBC Children’s ecosystem, helping kids discover more content they’ll love: from games, learning apps and quizzes, to TV shows and fan website content.

Prior to this role, Emily ran a small digital agency where she designed and built information-rich websites for a wide range of arts organisations and small/medium-sized businesses. Emily occasionally speaks at UX and IA conferences when she feels like she has something important to say. She has a daily yoga practice to keep her grounded and does acroyoga whenever she feels like taking off.


Luisa Sousa

Luisa has been a user experience architect at the BBC since 2015. She’s currently a part of the BBC Audience Platform team, working with UX designers and developers to deliver logical content flows, good navigation and useful interactions on responsive websites and mobile apps.

She likes it when things make sense and are designed with the user in mind. She can often be heard ranting about something “that just makes no sense!”. Outside of work, she does rock-climbing and watches way too many re-runs of TV series.


Charlotte Davies

Charlotte is a UX Design Researcher for the BBC’s voice products, bringing audience insight into the design process. The BBC Kids Skill is one of the recent products she worked on, trying to make voice experiences accessible for an audience that is still learning to speak. Prior to specialising in UX she was applying Human Factors in other industries such as Nuclear and Rail, looking at control room design. Outside of work she can be found brunching, hiking or catching a flight to Tokyo where she grew up.


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