14 – 15 March 2019

thestudio, Manchester

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Ollie Miller


About this Case Study

I think everyone got the memo – user-centred design delivers results. Yet when it comes to visual design, many still rely on creative intuition.

Get it wrong and it will undermine your team's work - and maybe your client's brand. But we can reduce the risk of disappointing big-bangs and awkward ta-da! moments.

So come and hear about an evidence-based approach that makes visual design shine. I'll share a few simple techniques - underpinned by user-centred principles - to make your work more effective.

About the Speaker

As Creative Director at cxpartners, Ollie is a firm advocate of user-centred design - applying research methodologies to enhance the creative process.

Ollie has 12 years' experience from a range of roles across the creative industry - but feels most at home crafting digital experiences with real meaning and purpose. Throughout his career he’s led creative projects for big brands such as Playstation, Transport for London, The Cooperative Bank and Smile Bank to name a few.

Most recently, Ollie has been leading a user-centred brand refresh and website redesign for Talk to Frank - a drugs information service for teenagers.

Passionate in his approach, Ollie is known for his ability to create elegant and appropriate designs with true expression of brand and personality.

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