15-16 March 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Quantifying the user experience: benchmarks for ROI, engagement and customer success

Session type:
Lightning Talk

Session duration:
10 minutes

Presented by:

Jay Brewer


About this Lightning Talk

It's easy to talk about a great user experience, but a lot harder for product teams to prioritise UX improvements over new features or product development. Jay Brewer, VP of UX from Rapid 7, shows how, with the right set of metrics, you can quantify the value of UX enhancements and make a compelling investment case. Rapid7 pulls these metrics together into a Product Engagement Index - a key benchmark of customer and product health that's shared across the company.

We'll discuss specific examples and best practices on how to drive better decision making. There will be time for questions and follow-ups at the end. I'll also provide a how to guide

About the Speaker

Jay Brewer has been working in various areas of design and technology for 20+ years. At Natural Intelligence, Inc., he helped to design the interface of the first Java development environment for the Macintosh. As Chief User Interface and Product Designer at Abuzz.com (acquired by The New York Times), he managed the team that created the award-winning Abuzz.com website, achieving over 1 million users and 20 commercial affiliates. He was the lead user interface and experience designer for Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Infinite Crisis at Turbine, Inc. a division of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Jay is currently at Rapid7 leading its user experience team to create next generation security products and data visualisation as the Senior Director of User Experience.


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