15-16 March 2018

thestudio, Manchester

How open is your window?

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60 minutes

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Molly Watt

Molly Watt Ltd

About this Endnote

Accessibility is for all. According to the dictionary, there is no connection between disability and accessibility, so why make that assumption? I am looking to eliminate assumptions and change everybody’s perspective on accessibility and designing for inclusion.

About the Speaker

My name is Molly Watt, and I'm 23 years old. I was once written off by society! However, today I am a tech/web, accessibility and usability consultant, a motivational speaker, author, illustrator, blogger, international ambassador and advocate. I am a company director and co-founder of the Molly Watt Trust charity.

I have spoken all over the world about both my need and my passion for assistive technology, accessibility, inclusion and usability to some of the greats in digital. I'm also running workshops on usability and accessibility, opening the eyes of many in web development and design, also within the charity sector.

Did I mention I'm deafblind?


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