15-16 March 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Get out of your digital box

Session type:

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Aleksandra Melnikova

Radley Yeldar

About this Tutorial

In the race for profitability, digital agencies rush to establish processes to ensure stable and successful delivery. Those processes can often feel very mechanic, almost like an assembly line.

But they often forget something. Good design is not done in established phases. It comes from multiple drivers, from courage and from change, above all. It comes from unexpected associations, from art and philosophy, from metaphors and connections.

My session is based around exploring the connections between design and multiple (seemingly unrelated) disciplines, with a focus on methods and techniques that enable people to create richer design artefacts and experiences (extending beyond digital).

The session opens with a warm-up exercise, followed up by a few shorter exercises on applying art-based methods to a selected problem, through to core exercise of the session: looking at redesigning one of the processes within a creative agency.

There's a story deck supporting the dialogue with participants from the start, alongside with a deck of cards I developed to describe specific art-related methodologies.

About the Speaker

Aleks is an experience design director bringing the power of connected disciplines into design, research and team management. Being trained in arts and product service systems design is a combination that enables her to make any project, no matter the size, her playground by creating new methods, tools and approaches, frequently challenging the existing structures and status quo.

Working both client side and agency side, in the last 10 years she has led and successfully delivered (digital) experiences for clients like VISA, Lloyds TSB, SKY, Aviva, VSO, GSK, British Airways and many others.

Currently leading experience design team at Radley Yeldar, Aleks is connecting the company from within, driving experience excellence and strategy. When not at work, she collaborates with a few UK universities, mentors at Global Service Jam, writes about the connections between literature, art and design and spends time suspended in the air trying to become a pro at aerial arts.


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