15-16 March 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Guerrilla research: quick not dirty

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Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Ana Crespo


About this Workshop

This session teaches you how to plan for and get the most value out of guerrilla research. Our approach is based on years of experience, planning and conducting guerrilla interviews, implementing guerrilla research programmes with some of our clients and training their digital teams.

The session begins with an introduction into the various shapes and forms that guerrilla research can take, highlighting the value it can bring (when done properly) to a project. An important part of the session will be outlining some common misconceptions associated with this methodology and clarifying its limitations. Guerrilla research lends itself to a lean, iterative project and can deliver reliable results if planned correctly.

The focus will be on walking you through a process for planning, conducting and analysing guerrilla research. This is a tried and tested approach that can be applied at various stages throughout a project's lifecycle.

We’ll start by discussing the importance of planning, starting with defining the objectives/goals of the research. Next comes constructing the research, which includes formalising the respondent profile and the location of the research. With this come many considerations, which will be discussed in this session.

Next, we will work through some techniques for structuring the research. We’ll look at how to approach participants and how NOT to approach them. You’ll be walked through some do’s and don’ts for interview itself, how to plan for an effective session and how to get the most value out of the short time you have with your participants.

To help any guerrilla interview run smoothly you’ll need to ensure you have the kit prepared for capturing responses across the day: we’ll explore the toolkit you need as a guerrilla researcher.

All you need to do now is try it out. In teams, you’ll work through some exercises, putting this process into practice, planning out your own guerrilla research and testing it out on each other. We’ll provide some exciting props to help shape the objectives of your research.

Finally, we’ll talk through the analysis part of the process. Reviewing your data after fieldwork is often the hardest bit. We’ll explain how to evaluate the data gathered from guerrilla research and how best to share it with your teams.

About the Speaker

Ana Crespo is a consultant at Foolproof, where she helps organisations understand their customers so they can deliver better experiences for them. She spends dozens of hours speaking with users, trying to understand how they work, shop, communicate, bank or enjoy their spare time. In short, trying to appreciate how they live. Those conversations provide the clues to make useful recommendations to clients.

She’s partial to projects with elements of service design. Digital systems are a key part of user experiences, but there’s much more to them: people interact with organisations through both online and offline channels. Through customer research, Ana helps clients to see the big picture and find ways to improve those processes.

Ana’s background is in communications. She worked as a journalist for a news agency before becoming a UX consultant. Due to her past as a reporter, she still enjoys interviewing people and finding out more about them. She’s also passionate about high quality content - a key component of high quality user experiences.

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