The multiple personality conundrum

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Joe Dollar-Smirnov

Red Badger

About this Case Study

A thought-provoking discussion and call to action for designers and makers of systems everywhere to consider how we give power back to our users.

The discussion will cover a case by case view of the systems that have real impact on our lives, from minor inconveniences to serious human cost.

About the Speaker

With a masters of science degree in human factors engineering and 17 years of industry experience under his belt, Joe can be found in his natural habitat of the Red Badger Sett somewhere around Old Street in East London.

Starting his journey designing and programming UI for web (and CD-Rom!) at a successful online games company, Joe progressed through roles leading both small creative teams and large scale projects for a range of clients including Unilever, Nike and HTC. He was also involved in the start-up world before joining Red Badger, where he consults for a variety of clients from charities and media through to financial businesses on their approach to, and strategy, regarding UX.