How many hats can you really wear?

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Spencer Turner


About this Case Study

Does the cross-functional model ask too much of people?

We're told that cross-functional teams are optimal, and in one sense I agree with this.

Ideally you have a team tasked with solving a problem, and people step into whatever role they can contribute most to at that point.

But can we really expect one person to switch between many many roles? Product owner, project manager, interviewer/researcher, ux designer, visual designer, copy writer, front-end developer, back-end developer...that's a lot of context switching - something is bound to get lost.

This session will cover:

  • what issues cross-functional teams look to solve
  • what issues they can create
  • warning signs to look out for
  • ways to mitigate issues

About the Speaker

Spencer is a consultant, coach and mentor in lean UX and agile UX, speaker, ex-designer, sometimes ruby programmer and ardent proponent of visual communication.

At Cultivate, he operates at the intersection of product management, design and development to help teams make great digital products. He believes a user-focused approach, iteration, lean experiments, good metrics and honesty are the way to deliver successful and engaging digital products.

He facilitates workshops, works with teams to build products and helps companies from international banks to 2-person start-ups to understand and solve their problems better.