Hetty's Hospital - health experiences for younger children to lower anxiety in hospitals

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Gareth Nixon

Global Initiative

About this Case Study

Digital health can be an incredibly intimidating phrase for a UX designer - instantly we think of patient referral and diagnostic tools; software with great responsibility, and difficult to implement, with a whole manner of different systems to integrate with.

In this session we'd like to show you the other side of digital health - show you that it really can be as simple as changing a child's perception of going to hospital from being a terrifying experience to an exciting adventure.

The challenge for Hetty's Hospital is as simple as that - how do we educate and entertain kids that are going into hospital so as to remove any anxiety and worry they may have about it, when in many cases they cannot yet read? We will talk through the process we went through - from the early sketches of Hetty, through to storyboarding, scripting, animation and game design (with a specific review of a medical-related game) and out the other end to a completed app filled with games and stories.

We'll talk through the challenges we faced with children and the NHS, how we overcame them, and what happens next.

About the Speaker

Gareth Nixon is co-founding director of Oxford-based digital agency Global Initiative, leading strategy and development. He has 20 years' experience developing and ideating digital experiences. With a particular interest in digital health, medical error reporting, data visualisation and learning outcomes, he remains a hands-on UX designer and developer for health-related digital tools.