Where did all the women go? Crowd sourcing a solution

A 60 minute Workshop by:

Niki Forecast

Global Initiative

About this Workshop

There are many explanations as to why there are so few women in digital - the most popular of which seems to be cultural influences on young girls and women. But we need more women in digital right now, and sitting and waiting for culture to change does not seem to be a solution fit for the digital age - what can we all do right now to start to turn this around?

The session will be introduced by setting the scene - what are the numbers and what is the reality behind these numbers that has resulted in so few women being a part of the digital industry? We'll discuss the background behind this and look at some explanations, but the main purpose of the session is to come up with actionable solutions that can help turn the numbers around.

What can we do as designers and as ambassadors for the industry to get more young girls interested, more female graduates applying for jobs, and to keep hold of the women that are already in the industry, but are starting to feel discouraged?

About the Speaker

Niki is the Head of Design and User Experience at Global Initiative - a digital agency based in the very heart of Oxford. At Global Initiative Niki oversees the design and creative of projects including apps, websites, games and social content for clients ranging from digital health initiatives to household brands such as KFC.