UX and rapid prototyping: how good UX can turn bad

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Anna Peniaskova

White October

About this Case Study

Designing in an agile process is challenging. It takes whole team involvement to move from "design sprint in advance" to "design in sprint".

But what happens when you're faced with a fundamental change to the build process? How do you continue to work as a team when your process changes dramatically?

Shifting from an agile process to rapid prototype thinking is scary; it brings a lot of unknowns. As UX designers we always look for the best possible UX solutions, but in a rapidly changing environment, we are still only humans and we do make mistakes.

What can we learn from this process? How can we share our learnings and continue to make sure UX remains at the core?

This case study covers:

  • the relationship between UX and rapid prototyping
  • extending your knowledge and taking inspiration from other disciplines
  • experimenting with the process and implementing change
  • unexpected barriers and shaping your teamwork in a new way

About the Speaker

Anna is a digital designer at White October. She leads UX and design on projects from discovery, through personas, user story mapping, wireframes and user experience to a finished design.

Working closely with clients, her priority is a full understanding of the problems they are trying to solve and how that meets the user's expectations by providing creative solutions to those problems.

Outside of the digital world, she has a passion for handmade crafts and learning new skills.