Designing creative teams: organisation design from the bottom up

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Chloe Heath

Modern Human

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Case Study

Having facilitated, observed and led teams that have solved many intractable problems through design thinking, I've noticed the common features of teams that consistently create the most innovative solutions. In this session I'll discuss how to assemble the right design team, how to unlock creativity in everyone and the role of the designer as an enabler of latent creativity.

People are innately curious and creative. Everyone's latent creative ability can be harnessed and used to solve problems: both business problems and social ones. I will share a framework that enables non-designers to work in teams with design professionals to reimagine and reinvent products, services and experiences.

The essence of design is solving problems. Problems come in all shapes and sizes and therefore so do potential solutions, so how can we organise ourselves to best solve them?

I will start with an anecdote: a cautionary tale of 48 hours in a secret location and a conference room stuffed with 43 middle-aged, male, senior managers in ties. It's a good example of a real moment where homogeneity impeded creativity. I will discuss the idea that diversity within a team is more than simply skin colour or gender. I will elaborate on the role that diversity has to play within any team (and not in a HR training course kind of way).

I will cover:

  • the role of designer as an enabler of latent creativity
  • a framework for engaging non-designers in design
  • the imperative for diverse individuals and experiences
  • the role of candour in teams
  • establishing a design culture

I will reveal what traits and behaviours make up an effective human-centred design team and position your team and your organisation to conquer any problem.

About the Speaker

Chloe is Managing Director of Modern Human, a design practice and innovation consultancy. Before setting up Modern Human, she spent many years managing some of the gnarliest, most tricky human-centred design projects for the likes of Samsung, Reuters, Technicolor and John Lewis.

With these years of experience, she's seen first hand the time spent in the field and in the studio, sweating the details of design. Seeing this, Chloe has focused on filling Modern Human with great design talent and creating great teams.