Extreme UX: Bomb detection

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Gareth Nixon

Global Initiative

About this Case Study

Maybe it's ticking. Maybe it's not. Want to pick your way through several screens of data with 3-inch armoured gloves to find out if it might go boom!? Until recently, that was the industry experience for bomb-disposal technicians. Cobalt Light approached us to reinvent the user journey for their brand new bomb-detector; one that nevertheless requires complex technical communication but intuitive simplicity. This might be the most extreme UX use-case you’ve seen.

About the Speaker

Gareth Nixon is co-founding director of Oxford-based digital agency Global Initiative, leading strategy and development. He has 20 years' experience developing and ideating digital experiences. With a particular interest in digital health, medical error reporting, data visualisation and learning outcomes, he remains a hands-on UX designer and developer for health-related digital tools.