Deep-rooted design principles: shifting complexity away from the user

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Pete Francomb

Rooted Design / CAHOOTIFY

About this Experience Report

"A good user interface designer will make your 10 screens look and feel gorgeous. A good user experience designer will help you discover that you only need one screen." OK, so that self-quote was a little simplistic - but I think there's a strong nugget of truth in there somewhere. Join me as I explore, with examples from my own practice and the wider world, 7 deep-rooted design principles that have nothing to do with UI - except that hopefully, with the implementation of each principle, less UI is required.

About the Speaker

Pete is a digital product designer, user experience architect and strategist - prototyping, usability testing, information architecture, needs analysis, user research, card sorting, task models, user journeys, interaction design, navigation design... he's not a visual / graphics designer, but works with them. He tends to fit best as an all-round consultant working with small teams on the ground-up design (or redesign) of a product and he's currently doing this with BookingLive. Pete is also the co-founder of Cahootify, a software platform with the mission to empower and further the careers of independent producers, filmmakers and actors.