Creating a service experience from scratch

A 150 minute Workshop by:

Lily Dart

Department for International Trade

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Workshop

More and more organisations are turning to the holistic practices of service design to improve their service offering. No matter how engaging and usable we make the user-facing elements of our service, if the internal processes that underpin them aren't working well, neither will the service.

Service design encompasses designing for both the service users and the operational processes that underpin them. This workshop will walk you through creating a service experience from scratch for a new business. You'll be given a business idea and user research to support it, and learn how to design for the needs of the service user, design each interaction the user has with the business, and how the business will support those interactions.

About the Speaker

Lily is the Design Director at the Department for International Trade. She specialises in service design and user research, and has a passion for solving difficult problems. Lily coaches teams to use customer focused design techniques, balanced with business insight, to help them create better service experiences.