Storymapping the user experience

A full day pre-conference workshop from Donna Lichaw.

3rd May 08:45 to 17:00 at thestudio.


What does a great user experience have in common with a great story? Everything.

Translating complex concepts into simple, impactful narratives can help you more effectively imagine and evaluate your products, campaigns, content and features - before committing to expensive pixels and code. Developing a product with an experience that engages, influences and inspires can be a daunting task - but the art of crafting a compelling story is easily learned.


In this workshop you will learn how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next idea, product, campaign or strategy from good - to great. Whether you are creating something from scratch or optimising it for conversion, activation or engagement, mapping the story first will help you determine how to envision and develop something people not only love to use, but use and recommend often.

Specific takeaways

Learn how to increase first-time and lifetime customer engagement by:

  • crafting simple, powerful business, product and customer stories that inspire your target audience
  • defining and refining your product’s core value proposition
  • evaluating the product-market fit as it relates to audience engagement
  • identifying how and why people will discover, use, pay for and get excited about your product
  • mapping out strategies to get people to adopt, use, and evangelise your product


This workshop is for anyone who builds products, services or campaigns that people engage with: designers, product and project managers, marketers, content strategists, developers, entrepreneurs, and executives have all taken the workshops and reshaped how they build, talk about and sell products.

The workshop has garnered praise from top names in the technology, publishing, entertainment and consumer goods sectors, including PayPal, Spotify, NY Public Radio, Wall Street Journal, Walmart, Conde Nast and Yahoo!