UX side effects

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

Vicky Teinaki

Orange Bus

About this Tutorial

User experience can do great things. However, as we have more influence, the impact we have can have unintentional effects.

This talk will help user experience practitioners consider their responsibilities as a practitioner. It will include:

  • going beyond empathy to ethics
  • why we shouldn't fail fast or champion digital transformation
  • emotional labour and burn out

It will also include suggestions as to how how to counter these UX side effects, and how to head off others in the future.

The talk will be of interest to people involved in UX leadership, or any person interested in codes of practice and responsible development within our industry.

About the Speaker

Vicky Teinaki is a senior user experience designer for the digital agency Orange Bus. She has worked across UK central and local government and private sector, from making pensions more understandable to F1 racing second-screen experiences. She is also a co-organiser of the Newcastle branch of Northern User Experience (NUX). Her natural habitat at UX conferences is at a laptop - she's been a long time blogger and twitter stenographer.

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