Design for Humanity

A 45 minute Workshop by:

Colin Preston

Code Computerlove

About this Workshop

Designers, entrepreneurs, organisations and people could have a huge positive impact on humanity if we channeled our skills towards helping to solve some of the big and small problems humanity faces today. We often lack the insight and direction of where to start when looking for our next product idea. Design for Humanity cards can help society to empathise with all aspects of humanity and uncover problems worth solving.

During this fast-paced workshop, we will practice our ability to empathise with people and situations that do not sit within our normal frame of reference. The workshop will be centered around how groups and individuals can use the 'Design for Humanity' cards to uncover empathy and problem. We will discuss the importance of emotional empathy and cognitive empathy during the UX design process.

During the workshop we will cover:

  • Creating a design challenge
  • Designing with empathy
  • Customer exploration
  • Empathy and problem discovery
  • Feedback

About the Speaker

Colin a Design Lead, spent the last 10 years of his career at Code Computerlove. He also is the founder of HCD Product Foundry, a community group who champions the use and benefits of Human-centred design.

He is a strategic design thinker with a passion for nurturing product innovation in teams and businesses. He uses a Human-Centred design approach to create products and services that meet real human needs. With over 16 years of experience, a trained graphic designer and design thinking practitioner, Colin now considers himself to be uniquely adept across a broad spectrum of design skills needed to excel in a design-led business environment.

Colin is passionate about Human-centred design and currently runs a meet-up group dedicated to building and communicating the importance HCD has with-in businesses and product design. He has created workshops, training programmes and tools to help anyone wishing to learn about HCD.


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