My country: the user experience

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Colman Walsh

About this Case Study

Some countries work well and are optimised for all citizens. But other countries don't work so well. They are optimised for vested interests at the expense of the majority of citizens.

This session uses a mix of design thinking and political philosophy to explore the causes of poor "national UX". It proposes 5 lessons that digital designers can learn from the analysis.

This a high-energy session. It's both entertaining and informative, and is guaranteed to give participants a lift and a smile.

It covers ground not often discussed during UX conferences: applying design principles to public transport, urban environments and public services. And it uses some ideas from political philosophy to understand why some countries have higher public service standards than others.

About the Speaker

Colman is the owner and founder of, delivering training to blue-chip clients throughout Europe and North America. He has been working in user experience design since 1999, starting his career in San Francisco and also working in New York, London and now Dublin.

His expertise runs across the entire spectrum of usability and UX: from research and strategy to design and prototyping. A fun and entertaining presenter, Colman is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and workshop moderator.


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