Leading with UX in a large-scale product environment

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Ray Mosley


About this Case Study

Modern UX is now one of the major driving forces of products and services around the world. Digital and UX have matured and we now have to practice good human centered design and also be leaders and stakeholders in the room. Whether you are a UX team of one or the leader of a large UX team in an organisation of thousands, there are some key skills, methods and approaches that can help you lead from the frontlines as a UX professional.

This case study will cover how UX is executed within a large organisation such as the BBC and how to build the right relationships with product managers, clients and those who enable your work to make an impact on people. We will discuss how UX is delivered within a very agile-focused team, how to grow and develop the right team culture and how to handle multi-faceted stakeholder relationships.

You will gain insight on the people, products and processes involved in a number of large-scale UX projects in the BBC. With a background and many years working in agencies, I will also frame how this is relevant to those outside of really large, complex organisations. As part of the case study I will cover the challenges of changing established routines, behaviour and relationships when taking over a new team and some of the mistakes that we made in trying to adapt our process to work within a strong agile delivery team.

About the Speaker

Ray is a creative director currently working in the UX and Design team at the BBC, looking after IPTV products including the BBC Red Button. He is one of a number of creative directors leading the UX teams that are embedded within product teams across the BBC. This summer, his team helped design and deliver all the interactive TV products that helped audiences tune into events like the Rio Olympic Games, Glastonbury, Euros 2016 and Wimbledon.

Prior to his role at the BBC, Ray has worked in a number of agencies in senior design, strategy and development roles with clients that have included Spotify, Sony Music, Universal Music, Manchester City Council, The Co-op, Wrangler, Google and, at one time, the BBC. His passion has always been deeply rooted in leading teams through the design process and helping people through the application of design. He sees design as a core discipline that underpins everything and feels that now is the right time for UX practitioners to be front and centre in building services and products that everyone will use.


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